About Margarita Rabinovich

I am registered with the CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario). I completed my university studies in Psychology in 1992 and since then I devoted close to thirty years to the non-profit and public services organizations offering therapy and counselling before starting a full-time private practice. In the last 15 years, I have also been involved in offering clinical supervision to advanced university students and to other therapists as well as Trauma and Mindfulness workshops and retreats across Canada.

Effective calming technique. Handling stressful thoughts and feelings.

Audio Recording (8:58) dropping anchor, adapted by Margarita.   'Dropping Anchor'**  is a very useful skill. You can use it for handling difficult thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, urges and sensations more effectively. A: Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings C: Come back into your body E: Engage in what

Grieving, a hero’s journey to the core of your being. Turning the experience of grief and loss into one of worth and meaningful clarity.

Photo: Margarita, 2019 “Wings are for landing.” “The only choice we have as we mature is how we inhabit our vulnerability, how we become larger and more courageous and more compassionate through our intimacy with disappearance, our choice is to inhabit vulnerability as generous citizens of loss, robustly and fully,