Intimate relationships are messy and yet a sea of opportunities.

Photo: Nikklas Ohlrogge   My therapist once said -well, maybe not once but a few times :-), "anyone can feel enlightened sitting in meditation alone inside a cave or on a deserted island." Relationships are invitations to exercise introspection, self-awareness, generosity, boundaries, and empathy. They test how we

Effective calming technique. Handling stressful thoughts and feelings.

Audio Recording (8:58) dropping anchor, adapted by Margarita.   'Dropping Anchor'**  is a very useful skill. You can use it for handling difficult thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, urges and sensations more effectively. A: Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings C: Come back into your body E: Engage in what

The boosting effect of animals in humans. 

Alice in wonderland is my name. "The household cat is really a tiger that has underwent three counselling programs." Valeriu Butulescu What science says about the human-animal bond: A study published in a UK medical journal in 2016* shows that pets are an important source of support in