Adolescent and Youth Focused Individual Therapy

In-Person and Virtual Adolescent and Youth Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a safe and supportive way to work with adolescents experiencing:

  • behavioural challenges;
  • relationship and communication issues;
  • sexual and gender identity issues;
  • a decline in motivation and sense of purpose;
  • emotional, social and mental health issues and;
  • high-risk or self-harming behaviour;
  • aloneness and isolation.

We are aware that sometimes the challenges that adolescents and youth face can also be a response to the conditions of the social environment. Many of our clients have experienced family disruptions, trauma, abuse, emotional neglect or some other overwhelming experiences at a younger age. We are here to support them in processing their experiences and hopefully moving toward their most meaningful goals.

We understand it’s essential for the therapist to develop a trusting, safe and non-judgmental relationship with adolescent and youth clients. We are committed to creating a space of collaboration and openness where our clients learn ways to navigate a world that, at times, feels challenging and overwhelming.

We believe the therapist must create a warm and understanding relationship with the client. How? by seeking their unique points of view, fostering engagement and an opportunity to address personal significant issues within and outside their families with a safe and non-judgmental therapist.

How can Adolescents and Youth Individual Therapy help?

Adolescents undergo a developmental phase characterized by many cognitive, psychological, sexual, identity, and physical changes. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that they are more susceptible to mental health, emotional, social and behavioural challenges. Family dynamics and relationships with their caregivers, teachers and friends are also vulnerable to disruptions and hurt.

Individual therapy is a helpful approach to creating and maintaining healthy relationships and identifying sources of resilience and change. Therapy can also help to reflect on what matters the most in life and envision a future in which clients feel more content with who they are and what they want to do.

If you are at risk of harming yourself and need immediate assistance, please contact 1.833.456.4566 (24/7/365), text at 45645 (4:00 PM to midnight) or click here for more information.

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