Grief and Bereavement Therapy/Counselling Services

Grief and Bereavement Counselling

I believe that grief and bereavement is a normal developmental transition prompted by disruptions to our world of meaning affected by significant loss. Mindfulness-based therapy and counselling can support you through the emotions related to grief, sense of isolation and loss that is likely to occur during grief and bereavement.

My work and personal experience have shown me that some of the feelings attached to the loss of a significant relationship can last a lifetime. The supportive and non-judgemental nature of the grief and bereavement therapy style I offer can be an opportunity to move towards experiencing transformative and long-lasting growth.

A significant loss can feel as if a part of the self has been ripped away. Consequently, we might struggle with self-care, mood, sleep, concentration, spirituality and faith, physical health and interpersonal relationships. Grief and bereavement therapy and counselling, together with my compassionate and patient listening style, can help you navigate your difficult quest to find meaning in the loss.

I strongly believe that bereavement therapy and counselling can help you move towards reconnecting with yourself and the deceased and, at the same time, promote self-acceptance of both your pain and your humanity. Grief and bereavement therapy and counselling can help uncover your self-capacities and inner wisdom to ultimately transcend the experience of grief and loss and connect with others and the world around you more purposefully and intentionally. 

Start living a more mindful life today.

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