Family Centred Divorce Counselling Services

Family Centred Divorce Counselling Services

In our experience, each family member going through separation and divorce presents with a fair amount of anxiety, confusion, fear, anger, grief, and sadness. It’s normal for each individual to feel differently than the other family members and go through different emotions at different times.

We have seen children and teens feeling guilty about their experiences and feelings. Sometimes adolescents and children think they must care for one parent over another. Other times, they might feel they have too much power when they simply need to be kids.

As therapists working with divorcing families, we understand that, sometimes, for the parents is challenging to uncouple the spousal relationship and strengthen the parenting functions so they can become effective co-parents.

We are committed to working with parents who are invested in developing a course of action focused on parenting cooperation and, above all, the well-being of the children. Consequently, during the initial consultation sessions, we dedicate time and close attention to assessing each family’s level of safety and workability.

How a Family-Focused Divorce Therapy and Coaching Can Help?

The therapist’s role is to support the parents in developing a plan to provide structure and boundaries for the new co-parenting relationship. We use different tools that encourage parents to build constructive communication that will support their children in feeling safe and less stressed around their parents during transitions, on special occasions and in public.

Having a neutral and non-judgmental therapist can help:

  • to address parental conflicts and navigate difficult decisions productively,
  • and for children, this helps to ensure that their parents remain just plain parents.

Family-focused therapy offers children and youth a voice during this difficult time. It allows children and adolescents to express to a therapist what’s working and what’s hurting.

As therapists, we hope to support parents to focus their energy on what they can do to help their children thrive instead of becoming overwhelmed with anxiety and grief. We can support parents in developing awareness and skills to effectively support their children.

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