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We believe that sexuality is a journey of exploration and an opportunity to connect with yourself and others. We embrace the belief that sexuality is constantly evolving and developing, and it’s a meaningful part of our identity.

We understand that for some people, seeking sex therapy can be anxiety provoking. You are not alone! Jennifer is committed to creating a safe and collaborative therapeutic environment while honouring your pace and goals.

Like couples counselling and ethical non-monogamy relationship therapy, sex therapy pays attention to the patterns of relationship while emphasizing on the sexual aspects of it.

Most people seek sex therapy hoping to address the following issues:

  • Differences in sexual desire
  • Exploring a sexual relationship after childbirth and other life transitions
  • Rebuilding trust after infidelity
  • Improving communication around sex and sexual preferences
  • Exploring new avenues of sexual pleasure
  • Fostering greater emotional connection and creating emotional safety
  • Addressing mental health or trauma issues affecting sexual life
  • Working through sexual dysfunctions

Also, know that sex therapy doesn’t involve physical contact or sexual activity during the sessions.

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