Audio Recording (8:58) dropping anchor, adapted by Margarita.


‘Dropping Anchor’**  is a very useful skill. You can use it for handling difficult thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, urges and sensations more effectively.

A: Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings

C: Come back into your body

E: Engage in what you’re doing


This mindfulness technique aims not to turn away from, escape, avoid, or distract yourself from what is happening in your inner world. The aim is to remain aware of your thoughts and feelings, and at the same time, come back into and connect with your body.

It’s about expanding your focus: aware of your thoughts and feelings, and also aware of your body while actively moving it.


How does dropping anchor help?

This mindfulness technique helps to switch off auto-pilot and to engage in the present moment more calmly and effectively:

  • grounding and steadying yourself in difficult situations;
  • disrupting rumination, obsessing and worrying; focusing your attention on the task or activity you are doing;
  • developing more self-control;
  • and as a ‘circuit-breaker’ for impulsive, compulsive, aggressive, addictive or other problematic behaviours.


**Dropping anchor was developed by Dr. Russ Harris, author of the Happiness Trap book, and inspired by the ACT model (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)