Uncovering Your Self-Capacities, Self-Trust, and Inner Wisdom

Within the shared human experience of grief, loss, and life transition, we’re here to help you find the opportunity for hope, healing, and transformation through therapy and mindfulness.

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About Margarita Rabinovich

I am registered with the CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario). I completed my university studies in Psychology in 1992 and since then I devoted close to thirty years to the non-profit and public services organizations offering therapy and counselling before starting a full-time private practice.

In my personal life, I have experienced the loss of multiple very close people who were the most significant points of reference in defining my identity and sense of self. These experiences have deeply contributed to my personal growth and down to earth confidence and empathy as a therapist. Those and many other involuntary life transitions have taught me that finding relief for the symptoms is urgently necessary and is one step in stepping into the rest of your life, it’s the beginning of the journey, not the end.

I have learnt that mindfulness-based therapy and a non-judgmental therapist can help to uncover our inner wisdom and inner capacity for healing the emotional pains resulting from grief, meaningful losses and challenging life transitions.

Mindfulness Therapy Services | Margarita Rabinovich
Mindfulness Therapy Services | Margarita Rabinovich

My Approach

I consider the human experience through the lens of a holistic model, containing five aspects of human life -the body, the mind, the spiritual dimension, the community, and the environment. The intent of my mindful approach to therapy and counselling is to integrate these five aspects.

My work has shown me over time that most people desire to live a life in harmony with themselves, their significant others and the world around them. I believe that my approach to therapy and counselling can help you to find your place in the world, especially when you are experiencing grief as a result of profound losses, expected or unexpected life transitions.

As a psychotherapist, I am above all a person with my own values, past and present experiences of suffering and joy and I mindfully use myself in accompanying my clients. Being self-aware allows me for a greater acceptance of my clients’ own experiences and for a compassionate presence and empathic understanding of the stories they share with me.

I strongly believe in the healing power of fostering mindfulness and self-reflection in the presence of a compassionate therapist. I have learnt that through a mindful and trusting client-therapist relationship it is possible to create meaning out of loss and difficulties we encounter and to facilitate health and resilience.

Why Choose Margarita Rabinovich?

My therapy practice is honouring and inclusive of all cultural backgrounds, sexual and gender identities and expressions. Because I strongly believe that to serve others we must first commit to having a healthy lifestyle, I am committed to cultivating daily practices in my personal life that promote mindfulness, self-care and holistic living.

I strongly believe that having a trusting connection with an experienced therapist can be a transformative experience. It is always my hope that my full attention and mindful presence as a therapist will offer a soft container in which you can be vulnerable and at the same time uncover your strengths.

Grief and complicated life transitions have the potential to uncover parts of ourselves we never imagine having. I am always honoured to be a witness of such transformations.

Mindfulness Therapy Services | Margarita Rabinovich

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