Integration of Psychedelic Experiences

Integration of Psychedelic Experiences

After a psychedelic journey, the loss of the insights from ecstatic levels of awareness can bring confusion or frustration, and hopefully it can lead people to seek more understanding from these experiences.

When integrating psychedelic experiences, it may be overwhelming as the mind tries to make sense of what it has experienced. There is a need to get back to the body, to the everyday world, and for grounding in them.

Mindfulness based integration work can be helpful for people who has experienced a psychedelic journey. One of the tasks of the integration work can be about encouraging a disciplined practice of returning to awareness of the present moment and reflect on how it can bring more growth and insight to the everyday life.

A Canadian Study conducted at a meditation retreat for long-time meditator showed the connection between mindfulness and psychedelics.The study showed that psychedelics may not only facilitate mindfulness, but that the reverse is also true that the use of psychedelics may enhance post-journey mindfulness in the participant.

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