Trauma Therapy and Counselling Services

Trauma Therapy and Counselling

As trauma therapists, we are interested in understanding how the past shows up in the present. We don’t always need to revisit the past to see how our past experiences inform the present. Instead, understanding our unique history allows us to heal old wounds, uncover our inner wisdom, and move forward feeling more whole.

Trauma doesn’t necessarily stem from a major catastrophe; however, a significant incident can become a triggering event for unexamined early developmental traumas to manifest. Such triggering events may include the loss of a loved one, work burnout, moving, separation or divorce, the birth of a child, etc.

Trauma therapy often uncovers that most people experience trauma growing up and feel they were left alone to deal with their psychological pain and emotions.

How Can a Trauma Therapist Help?

As trauma therapists, we have learned that most of us, especially in childhood, experience minor or repetitive mishaps and dysfunctional family relationships that can create psychic wounds over time. These early emotional injuries can disrupt our capacity to develop healthy connections with ourselves, our bodies, others and the world around us.

Trauma is one of the most untreated and unexamined causes of human mental health suffering. The often debilitating symptoms we experience in the aftermath of perceived life-threatening or overwhelming experiences are unique to each person. That’s why our mindful approach, we co-create the goals and pace of the therapy with our clients. Reclaiming our sense of self-agency in the aftermath of trauma is paramount!

We are committed to supporting clients to learn how to heal the hurt, fear, and negative beliefs that most carry, like a heavy and hidden chip on the shoulder. 

As mental health professionals, we aim to integrate different effective therapy modalities for complex trauma, such as Mindfulness, IFS, Sensorimotor Interventions, Psychodynamic modalities, ACT, Trauma Focused-CBT, EMDR, etc. The goal is to help our clients to determine the most appropriate therapeutic approach and more adaptive beliefs and coping strategies.

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