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The theory behind mindfulness is that its practice enhances our ability to self-regulate cognitive, emotional and behavioural responses. Mindfulness-based modalities promote self-awareness and approach our minds and bodies with curiosity, openness and acceptance rather than avoidance.

During a mindfulness-based therapy session, we make space to pay attention to the physical sensations, thoughts and feelings that arise. Acceptance in this context means we don’t turn our back on our experience and learn to honour ourselves with kindness and gentleness.

The mindfulness-based modality invites clients to look at their emotions not as enemies but as wise messengers that reconnect us with our more profound experiences.

Some therapy sessions have an experiential aspect, such as guided mindfulness exercises or learning breathing and other grounding or calming techniques. Consequently, clients have the opportunity to learn ways to transform a cascade of reactions into making more conscious choices.

Research on mindfulness has identified some of these benefits:

  • It reduces rumination.
  • It helps with emotional reactivity as people can learn to disengage faster from upsetting experiences.
  • Promotes psychological flexibility by developing self-observation skills and disrupting the automatic patterns of belief and behaviours created by prior learning.

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