Stress and Burnout Therapy Services

Stress and Burnout Therapy

Stress may leave us feeling exhausted, disillusioned and all out of compassion or care for others and ourselves. Most people experience work-related stress and a busy life outside of work, which can lead to not enjoying work and feeling unfulfilled and discontent.

Burnout doesn’t just affect only the individual. Most people feel more impatient, overly defensive, detached, mentally and physically overwhelmed, and in some cases, engage in overconsumption of substances.

For some, burnout can creep up unnoticed when the job takes precedence over their well-being. Selflessness is a quality of most value. Yet, in certain circumstances, when this attitude goes unchecked, we may start to see serious consequences regarding our emotional, physical and mental health.

Most people come to therapy feeling they are doing an excellent job and dedicating themselves entirely to the role. Consequently, they end up finding themselves no longer able to care about their role or the people around them at all.

How Can Burnout and Stress Therapy Help?

Preventing or moving forward after burnout is possible by taking care of ourselves and practicing some self-kindness. Therapy can support us to shift from self-criticism into compassionately noticing where we can improve.

Burnout and stress therapy can help with becoming more aware of subtle changes in our mood and physical health and start to notice more quickly when we are struggling. Rather than waiting for a total meltdown or feeling detached from our meaningful relationships, a therapist can help us develop the capacity to read the signals of our minds, emotions and bodies and start to take better care of ourselves.

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