Mental Health Therapy and Counselling Services

Mental Health Therapy and Counselling

Mental health therapy allows us to pay attention to our emotional, cognitive, physical and social well-being. Most of us decide to seek help through in-person or online psychotherapy and counselling when we have painful feelings or destructive impulses that cause difficulties in our lives and the lives of others we care for or love.

In Margarita’s opinion, most individuals are affected by some periods of discouragement and hopelessness, feeling disconnected, numb, distressed, unable to function or anxious. You are not alone.

It’s also possible to experience good mental health even when we have a diagnosis such as a mood disorder, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. In our experience as mental health therapists, many of the mental health disorders can be episodic and often is a response to a way of life that does not align with our more profound sense of meaning and authenticity or to unexamined early traumas.

How Can a Mental Health Counsellor Help?

We believe that our roles as a mental health counsellor is to support clients to find harmony with themselves, the social connections and the world around them. We all have times when we feel a bit down, stressed out or overwhelmed by something happening in our lives. Mental health counselling can help us develop our ability to solve problems and deal with the natural challenges in life as we move forward.

We offer a mental health counselling and therapy approach that allows people to relate to their emotions and impulses with curiosity and openness. Our mindfulness-based and gentle therapy approach helps my clients uncover the valuable inner resources that difficult life experiences have distorted and ignored.

We are aware that people in the 2SLGBTQIA+ are 2 to 4 times more likely to experience mental health challenges compared to non-LGBTQ+ people.

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If you are interested in our offerings or have any questions, please contact us. Even though our main office is in Burlington, Ontario, we offer online mental health therapy and counselling services in English and Spanish anywhere in Canada and International regions.

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