Training For Clinical Teams

I devoted close to thirty years to non-profit and mental health services organizations before starting a full-time private practice. I have experience working with clinical multi-disciplinarian teams, and I am very familiar with offering peer case consultation to other therapists and counsellors.

During the years I worked in the non-profit mental health sector, I had the opportunity to create and coordinate a complex trauma team that successfully integrated attachment, mindfulness and values based practices. I developed and facilitated mindfulness and complex-trauma-based training for child protection workers and foster parents.

In the last 15 years, I have also been involved in offering clinical supervision, complex trauma and mindfulness workshops and retreats.

I teach with an attitude of open curiosity and deep gratitude to have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and clinical experiences that ultimately will serve the personal and professional growth of the therapists as much as to the clients they serve.

I am passionate about inspiring other therapists to find creative ways to apply mindfulness concepts and techniques to their clinical practice and interconnect mindfulness principles to most modalities and approaches. My training approach involves plenty of experiential activities, self-reflection and divergent thinking.

Start living a more mindful life today.

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